About Us

Architects of Justice is an Advocacy and Consulting group based in Baltimore, MD with a mission to build equitable outcomes in organizations and communities across the globe. We equip communities and organizations with effective tools of advancement in social justice through (A)dvocacy, (A)rt, (C)onsultation, and (T)raining. We offer nearly 20 years of experience in grassroot organizing, non-profit management, and government operations, with a focus on Civic Engagement, Public Policy Development, Coalition Building, Structural Organizational Consultation, and Consensus Building.

Our thoughtful trainings, workshops, discussions, and toolkits are a combination of qualitative experiences and quantitative data, which are customized to best address your organizational goals. We can design trainings according to your wants and needs.

Aside from our services, AOJ hosts Organizing Camps, Progressive Events, Issue Campaigns, and other gatherings with the purpose to build healthy communities.